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 We are doing a soft close on April 30 until the berries are ready. Will be pick up only during May-Mid June. Just call, let us know you are coming.             

     Pat  503-982-9307      


WE are still “doors open” until the end of April (April 30). Then, we are doing a “pick up only” during the month of May and first part of June. In mid to late June the doors will open again for the year.


WHEN is our “soft close” time, usually from May 1 to around mid to late June. Depending on weather, when the berries come on and the cherries are thinking about it.


WHAT our “soft close” time is. A time to take a breath once a year and tend to the greenhouse. Prune the apple, cherry, peach and walnut trees, plant the garden, potatoes are already in ground for this year, make sure the equipment is set for the season (us too). There is weeding to do, cleaning and so much more (plus whatever “pops” up).


DURING this time, the stand doors are closed the normal hours. But if you could call and just give us a heads up, we will meet you at the stand. It may take a minute or four, but we are around somewhere.  We take cash or check, no cards currently.


We have potatoes (white, red, yellow and fingerlings), honey (3 types), jams, syrup, shelled & bagged nuts, whole walnuts @ 1.75 lb. (over 5 lb. call ahead and we will crack them for you) and hazelnuts.   Apples .89 for large, .79 for medium plus a discount for over 20 lbs.  Great for applesauce, pie filling, cobbler or just eating.


B & P Hitz Fruit Farm     

14070 Wilco Hwy NE 214  

Woodburn, OR  97362

Pat  503-982-9307


We value the customers & friends we have made.  Support local small business

                                               Stay well, Stay safe  

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